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The Virtus, Pandora and Kairos models, unless otherwise specified by the customer, are made with seasoned wood of renowned quality that is likely to offer, in all probability, a timbre that is always very balanced and historically very appreciated.

In fact, the combination of mahogany / maple for the body and maple / ebony for the neck are happy combinations that over the decades, the best manufacturers, have continued to use to achieve their prestigious instruments certain to always achieve very appreciable and constant results .

However, the variable of the weight or aesthetic impact of these types of wood remains, if not properly treated.

For this reason Arrogantia Guitars offers the maximum availability to use different woods from those normally used and to evaluate also further technical devices (tonal chambers) to define, with minimum waste, the weight, the balance and the aesthetic impact you want and, while remaining within the boundaries of the models offered, we remain at your disposal to try to satisfy your most particular needs.


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